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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Always You

I've been to so many moments in my life
where I can' find anyone to turn to but you
only you, always you
and when all that's around me are fallin'
you will remain there standing just for me
only oyu, only you
in my weakest times, you were so strong
when all hope is gone, you carry on
i draw my strength from you
when i could no longer find any of it in me
you are my life
you are my strength
i can't fight the battle alone
i can make it through when am with you
cause you are my shield
you are my soul
you're breathing life into my heart
all the love that i have come from you
always you
i've been lost in the middle of nowhere
and i can't find my way home
am so lost without you
but you have pulled me through
you took me in your arms
and you rescued me from the dark
and now, am finally home
i feel safe, 'cause now am with you
all the love that i have come from you
_Charice Pempengco_
-Dedicated to all love arounds me
*my parents and my family-thanks for your sincere love
*all of my friends-biiiggg huugggsss honey
i was writing this note while playing this song over and over, and then look at my trash, OMG full of tissues, yes, am nosebleeding, no, i mean crying
but am happy cause all of you are heaven sent, thanks God for today, for everyday and for everything in my life
i'll find somebody else, someone better, i promise, am sure i can ^^ or someone'll find me instead..
_Nice Evening in PKU_
SatNite, November 26th 2011
holding myself from this word "this is s*ck, am so upset, am sad"
and am kinda success, yay!
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